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We are excited that you are interested in tumbling!  Our 1st session at Christ Church is in full swing!  Our second session will start March 26th. 

This tumbling class is taught by Brandy Robertson.  Ms. Brandy is certified to teach the Acrobatic Arts curriculum.  This class will focus on  the primary level skills. 

Thursday Tumbling (Intro to Acro)

What is ACRO?


Acro (short for acrobatics) is quickly becoming a popular art form that is fusing with dance.  It is similar to tumbling, but many of the curriculum sets have been developed to train dancers- giving special attention  to dancers' needs and addressing the fact that they often do not perform on spring floors.  

At the primary level, it is a great opportunity for exercise.  We will focus on skills that develop balance, coordination, core support, trunk and arm strength, flexibility, gross motor skills- all while making friends and having fun!

DRESS CODE: biketard and bare feet with hair secured out of face

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