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Aliana FAQ



1.) Why does online registration say registration fee is $45? 

Our system requires that we use the same form for all of our classes/locations.  

The fees that show up are for our main location classes- they will NOT be charged to your card account.  Once you submit your registration form, we will contact you to go over the corrected amounts. 

2.) How are Aliana sessions different than the Sugar Land studio location?

The studio operates on a month to month basis even though most students

commit for the entire dance year that ends with our annual recital in May or June. 

Aliana classes are set up by sessions:  fall, spring, and summer. 

We would love to have performances, but we must build our classes first!

3.) Why do I have to put in a credit card to register?

Our system requires a credit card for all online accounts.

(We've found this also helps stop students from setting up accounts.)

NOTHING is automatically charged when you sign up. 

We contact you to confirm all charges and fees before processing any payments. 

The card information is encrypted in our system.

You may later delete the info out of our system and pay by check or cash.

4.) How much are classes?

Trial classes are $15.  If you register within a week of your trial, we credit that fee to your tuition.  Sometimes, we do run specials.  Our regular Aliana session fees are not posted online, because class prices vary by class and by session.  Also  affecting pricing: sibling discounts, how many classes a student takes  per week, start dates, full payment vs payment plan, etc.  The range for a full fall session (starting at the beginning with  8 classes) is $90-110.  Studio pricing differs from Aliana pricing.